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​$1 made from each candle, will feed & give fresh water to starving street animals where ever I go.
This is an Online Boutique. I use only Natural Steam Pressed Oils, & Natural Waxes. I started making candle's at home in Los Angeles Ca. When I started making candle's in 2014 I went out looking for Natural Oils, but couldn't find them. All I could find were Synthetic scents mixed with Parrafin's and other additives. This was not healthy for me or my family. So, I did a great deal of investigation, to my surprise almost all candle's out there were being made with these toxic products mainly because they are cheaper. Natural steamed pressed oils are so much more expensive. There are no laws to imprinting ingredients on the labels and no laws against using Parrafin, synthetic or Petroleum based candle's. The Resin Décor on the bottom is toxic on the other hand, but it's completely dry and doesn't effect the wax at all. It takes about 4 to 8 days for the Resin to dry completely depending on the size. I mix two liquid chemical compounds together making the Resin permanent, and encapsulating the Décor. 


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