I went to Nicaragua for my Birthday. I planned on passing out money from my Artsy Candle Sales to people in the streets who really needed it. But what I found there were starving street dogs, on every corner. Although, I did give money to older ladies and children who approached me trying to sell me trinkets and fruits. I couldn't help but notice all the street dogs. They cannot speak, but you can see they were in desperate need to eat. I rode around in a scooter with "Doggie Bags" of food in Ometepe, Nicaragua and when I saw a dog with its ribs sticking out. I stopped and put the food down. Some Dogs approached with caution. Others immediatly ate everything in the boxes. When the food was gone, they began to eat the boxes.
The Sales I made for the year was only $42. But It was something and in Nicaragua $42 goes a long way. These dogs will eat anything you put infront of them. There is no Animal Control in Nicaragua. I'm not Famous, rich with money, or backed by multi-million dollar companies, I am only one person who is willing to do anything to help. Please buy a candle today @ www.artsycandles.com
Thank you for reading


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